Katrina Pratt

(Miss Pratt)

Co-founder/ Director

Katrina has been dancing and weaving stories for as long as she can remember; performing for the rocks and trees as a small child and eventually joining the circus in New York, building giant puppets and swinging from theater rafters above the audience. She has been working with children for more than 20 years, incorporating storytelling, movement and puppetry into educational therapy and alternative forms of teaching.

She graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in medical anthropology, focusing on birth and child development across cultures. Her interest in evolutionary biology, social dynamics, and the relationship between play and learning informs the way she shapes curriculum. Stories are a huge part of this - a form of gathering, collaborating, processing challenges, and sparking a sense of wonder in kids and grown-ups alike. She lives between Colorado, New Hampshire and New Orleans, dancing in trees, building parade floats, and learning how to make fires in the swamp. 


Audra Brandt



Audra is a film-maker, dancer, and lover of miniature worlds. She has been working with children for many years, teaching animation, puppetry, and theater workshops across the country. In 2006 Audra graduated from the Kansas-City Art Institute with a BFA in photography and new media. She is very excited for the upcoming adventures at Storycamp!


Irene Moncier

(Lady Stardust)

Lead Teacher

Born and raised in New Orleans, Irene has a longstanding love of oddities, costuming, and good food. She’s a science aficionado with a love of astronomy-based storytelling. She’s worked with kids for many years and has worked as Lady Stardust with Storycamp since 2015. Irene loves vintage clothes, eating oranges, and drinking way too much coffee.


Max Wike


Lead Teacher

Max is a caring, goofy individual with a love for the outdoors. He is passionate about sports like lacrosse and basketball and looks for any excuse to stay active. Always looking for his next challenge, he graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2020 and looks to pursue his Masters in English to eventually fulfill his goal of becoming a secondary ed teacher! Max seeks to make Summer 2021 full of memories and adventure!


Alex has been a child for the last 15 years! As an integral part of the Storycamp, Alex has grown up co-creating the transdisciplinary experience that is Storycamp. She is smart, creative, nurturing, flexible and very strong. An honor student at a local high school, a published poet and a winner of a recent art show for BVSD, Alex enjoys weaving children’s stories into the immersive week-long projects!

Alex O'Connor


Camp Counselor/ Original Student