Where a Rat Can Be a Mouse

It's Pretend-You're-A-Kid Month! Why? Because I've noticed a heavy loneliness. It's particularly visible this time of year. I see depression and stress around me, in the news, among friends and colleagues. I feel it. And I have found something that helps. It's a thing I call "Pretend You're a Kid" - the embarrassing, wonderful practice that has been medicine for my emotional struggles and helped me figure out how to be an adult.

I work with children. I work very hard and it’s worth it. I learn from them. I learn the most from children. When they feel seen, safe, nourished and loved, they have answers to many of the psychological and emotional conundrums that affect us. These answers do not come in words, but in play.

Last night I listened to an interview with Joann Hari about anxiety/ depression and addiction. Hari referred to Bruce Alexander’s “Rat Park” experiments. In one, a solitary caged rat, when given a choice between water and a morphine cock